Winning Macy’s moms treated like VIPs at Magic Kingdom parade


The winners of Macy’s Celebrate Moms sweepstakes and their families were invited to a VIP Viewing area for this afternoon’s Celebrate A Dream Come True parade at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Many of the moms and their families gathered on the second floor of the Train Station to see the parade head down Main […]

What’s in store for Macy’s sweepstakes winners at Walt Disney World


Dozens of lucky moms – on from every state – are enjoying a dream trip to Walt Disney World this week as winners of the Macy’s Celebrate Moms sweepstakes. The moms and their families actually started their week at Disneyland and flew to Walt Disney World on Tuesday, where some surprises awaited them in their […]

Animal encounters outside of the zoo: Theme Park Mom on TV

I’m appearing on the Daytime show today, talking about some great family vacation destinations where you can have an animal encounter outside of the zoo. Here’s some info on the three places I mentioned: Corolla, N.C. Corolla is at the northern end of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. It’s a small town with a very family […]

Discovery Cove extends Florida resident discount into summer months


Discovery Cove is offering a great deal for a summer or fall vacation that’s close to home for Florida residents. Now through Dec. 18, 2009, Florida residents can save $90 at this unique theme park. You probably know that Discovery Cove offers the chance to swim and interact with dolphins. But did you know that […]

Sweepstakes winner is impressed with Disney’s ‘royal treatment’


Kristen Marrah, left, of Rhode Island was her state’s winner in the Macy’s Celebrate Moms sweepstakes. She’s in the middle of a whirlwind trip to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World this week. I had a chance to talk with Kristen and her BFF Lane Sisak, right, last night, when they arrived at Disney’s Yacht […]

Lucky moms enjoying their trip to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World


Six-year-old Chance O’Brien, right, says he loved the rides at Disneyland Resort and can’t wait to try out the attractions at Walt Disney World. Soarin’ Over California is his favorite, so far. Raven Kennerson, second from the right, was the lucky Texas winner of the Macy’s Celebrate Moms sweepstakes. She brought Chance, Elton Kennerson, left, […]