Best food bargains at Legoland Florida

Best food bargains at Legoland FloridaPart of what I look for when I am visiting a theme park is how I can get the most money for my food dollar. After trying many of the dining options at Legoland Florida, here are some of the best food bargains I have found.

Overall Best Value

1/2 Roast Chicken with roasted potatoes and roasted vegetable medley
Market Restaurant

This standout dish is the tastiest food we’ve tried, as well as being a lot of food for the price. This plate would easily be shared between two adults or an adult and a child. The big bonus here, of course, is that the best-tasting dish at Legoland Florida is also one of the healthiest choices you could make there. The chicken was moist and flavorful, the veggie medley had a lot of variety (picky eaters should find at least one or two things they like), and the potatoes are hands-down the best thing we’ve eaten at Legoland Florida.

Most Food for the Money

Pizza, pasta and salad
Fun Town Pizza & Pasta Buffet
$10.99 adults / $6.99 children 12 and under

If you have a bottomless pit or two in your family, this all-you-can-eat choice is the best food bargain for filling them up at Legoland Florida. Everything we tried at the buffet was fresh and tasty, and refillable soft drinks are included in the buffet price.

Best Food to Share

1/2 Roast Chicken with roasted potatoes and roasted vegetable medley
Market Restaurant

See the “overall” category above for more on this winner, which is a big enough plate for two adults to share.

(Runner-up) Deluxe Burger with fries and soft drink
Capt. Brickbeard’s Burgers

Yes, we are talking $10 for a burger and fries, but this sizeable double cheeseburger and generous order of fries should be plenty for an adult and child to split. The only downside here is that the soft drinks are filled behind the counter and not refillable. Just add an extra bottle of water and you are good to go.

Best food bargains at Legoland FloridaBest sweet treat

Granny’s Apple Fries
Granny’s Apple Fries stand

While I am a little reluctant to give the “bargain” prize to these fried apple sticks coated with cinnamon and sugar, I’m bestowing it here anyway, based on the fact that you get a generous amount of the apple fries with each order. Split amongst two or three people, Legoland Florida’s signature treat can be considered a sweet treat bargain. (Check out this post on how to make apple fries at home.)

(Runner-up) Cupcakes
Market Restaurant

If you don’t want to share your sweet treats, the bakery counter at the Market Restaurant is a good place to score a snack-time bargain. Cupcakes, or slices of locally-baked cakes in flavors like red velvet and chocolate, can be had here for $2.50. Plus, the Market Restaurant gets extra points for being a good place to take a mid-afternoon break in the air conditioning.


  1. Usually, for SeaWorld and Disney, I pack a softside cooler that fits in the bottom of my stroller. I usually have several bottles of water, a couple protein drinks, and maybe a couple of apples. I also bring in some of those applesauce pouches, fruit leather and maybe some little crackers. Would this fly at LegoLand?

  2. They didn’t check our bags at the entrance, so I would say YES to Doris. a plate of 1/2 roast chicken was plenty for both my son 6 years old and myself.

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