Free souvenirs at Legoland Florida

One thing I noted in my Legoland Florida first impressions post is that the photo souvenirs and some other souvenirs I looked at seemed overpriced. I did find a couple of free souvenirs for kids at the theme park that you might want to seek out:

Free souvenirs at Legoland Florida

First up is this Legoland Florida Lego brick. Kids can pick one of these up at the Legoland Factory Tour. It’s a cute attraction at the park that has a video about Legos and then a small room with equipment that demonstrates how Lego bricks are made. Staff at the park were enforcing the “only for kids” rule on these free bricks.

Free souvenirs at Legoland Florida

If your kids go to Driving School at Legoland Florida, they will leave with a free driver’s license that you can fill out for them and put their picture on. And believe me, your kids will want to go to Driving School. They can actually drive their own vehicles on streets complete with traffic lights. You can get a laminated card driver’s license for $14.99 complete with your photo and a lanyard, but I am sticking with free on this one. I did get my Legoland California Driver’s License earlier this year, but it only cost $4.99. Not sure why there’s such an East Coast price hike.

Free souvenirs at Legoland Florida


  1. Can I sign up have already signup

  2. Can I go on legoland florider sign up for a whole fAmily how much does it cost.

  3. Legoland Florida is also offering a free educators ticket. You just need your teaching certificate, a valid DL, and a current pay stub.

  4. Free souvenir, Legoland Florida brick at Factory were only distributed at opening week. So we couldn’t get one at yesterday’s visit…..I was expected to see a real factory there so i was very disappointed. According to Legoland, a real factory is coming in a future, but don’t know when.

  5. Just got the discount, 2 kids free, thank you so much!!!

  6. Where did you find the discount, 2 kids free?

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