In Search of a Sponsor: BlogHer ’09

More than 1,500 women bloggers, many of them moms, will be attending the BlogHer ’09 conference in Chicago later this month. I am blessed to be able to be among them.

I am currently seeking sponsors for my trip. Here’s a Theme Park Mom conference sponsorship FAQ:

Why should my company market to moms?

Simply put, moms are where it’s at! Mothers contribute trillions of dollars to the economy. They frequently make the majority of spending decisions for their households. And research has shown time and again that moms rely on the advice of other moms when they are deciding where to shop, where to eat and even where to vacation. As BSM Media puts it, “Mothers love to talk, compare, and share. If you’ve won the admiration of a mother, you can be assured she’ll spread the word.”

Why should my company sponsor a blogger?

Remember all that touchy-feely stuff above about moms loving to share? Well, no one loves to share more than a mom blogger. They’ve staked out their own little corner of the Internet to do it! And more than 1,500 of the most influential bloggers on the planet are going to be in one place later this month, networking and looking for more things to share with a combined audience of hundreds of thousands of other women.

What will my sponsorship get me?

If your company chooses to sponsor me for a conference, I am happy to open a dialogue with you about exactly what you would like to get from your sponsorship. I do not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to sponsorships. On, I can offer you blog advertising, blog posts about your business, reviews of your products, and product giveaways. At the conference, I will distribute your business cards or swag, wear/carry your products and/or clothing with your logos, tweet from the conference with mentions of your sponsorship and mention your sponsorship in videos I make at BlogHer. I am also open to your suggestions, and I will work with you to develop a sponsorship that meets your needs.

What is is a blog focused on family travel destinations, products and advice. I stay up on travel industry trends, and I report on travel destinations, especially theme parks. Since I live in the shadow of a very famous mouse, there is a heavy focus on Central Florida attractions and products (everything from sunscreen to luggage to iPhone apps), lodging and dining options that would be of interest to those planning to visit the area.

Who is’s audience?

ThemeParkMom reaches hundreds of moms looking for information on family travel daily. I am happy to share specific information related to my Web site traffic upon request. In addition, I market my content to more than 350 Facebook friends and 2,300 Twitter followers.

Why should I choose you to sponsor?

First and foremost, I am a mom – the market I hope you are trying to reach by considering a blogger conference sponsorship. I am outgoing and professional, two traits you would want in someone you are counting on to network and talk about your product. I am a former print and broadcast journalist, as well as an experienced executive. I understand your need to show a return on your investment in me, and I will work with you to document that. Plus, my audience is growing exponentially, and I am working to extend my reach. In the first three days of this week, I have guest posted on two larger Web sites and made a TV appearance as the “Theme Park Mom” on a nationally syndicated morning show. If you would like to know more about me, check out my “About Leigh” page.

How much money are you looking for?

I would be interested in discussing any arrangement, including in-kind offers.

How do we get started?

Just drop me an e-mail at leigh @ themeparkmom .com (Please remove the spaces in the address – they are there as a bit of spam prevention).

Thank you for your consideration. I’m happy to answer any other questions at the e-mail address above.


  1. If you secure a sponsor will you disclose that, so readers know you are being paid for your opinions?

  2. Hi David. Thanks for commenting.

    I will absolutely disclose sponsorship, if I receive a sponsor. I have a disclosure policy page on my site that explains that I believe in transparency:

    However, I take issue with your assertion that I would be “paid for my opinions.” My opinions are my own. I would not accept a sponsorship from a business that I do not believe in or would not endorse otherwise. I have turned down numerous advertising and blog sponsorship opportunities because I did not know the business, because I did not believe in the product or because I disagreed with the company’s business practices.

  3. Great site, how do I subscribe?


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