La Hacienda de San Angel at EPCOT: The food

La Hacienda de San Angel at EPCOT: The food

The grand opening party for La Hacienda de San Angel was a cocktail party setting, so I have not had a full dining experience, and this is not a review. But I did want to share what we ate and a little bit about the menu. The appetizer above had black beans, chorizo and potato.

I enjoyed all of the appetizers I tasted. The food here has truly gone away from “Tex Mex” to more authentic flavors. I especially applaud the commitment to make the corn tortillas and salsas fresh on-site daily.

This mini taco had beef brisket and a grilled scallion:

La Hacienda de San Angel at EPCOT: The food

These were a fun little appetizer that is on the Hacienda menu called Chiles toreados y chorizitos. It’s sweet peppers roasted with lime and sea salt, with little mini sausages. I was afraid to try those peppers, but they truly were sweet, not hot:

La Hacienda de San Angel at EPCOT: The food

I also tried a roasted pork loin with a mole negro sauce, and the mole was very authentic. I heard people raving about the shrimp tacos, too. (I have a shellfish allergy and couldn’t try them.)

The appetizers on the menu at La Hacienda de San Angel are especially appealing to me. I think it would be fun to go and just get the appetizers to share around the table.

If you haven’t heard much about the new Mexican restaurants at EPCOT, here’s how they work. The two restaurants, La Cantina de San Angel and La Hacienda de San Angel, are both under one roof, in the space where there was always a counter-service Mexican dining location at EPCOT.

La Cantina is an outdoor, counter-service restaurant that’s open for lunch and dinner with tables outdoors on a patio. During lunch, some of the tables indoors are also available for La Cantina patrons.

At dinner, La Hacienda — the table service restaurant — opens inside, and La Cantina patrons sit outside only.

The two restaurants are in soft opening, which means they may or may not be open when you go to EPCOT over the next few weeks. Reservations are being accepted for La Hacienda starting October 15.


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