How much does RIDEMAKERZ cost?

How much does RIDEMAKERZ cost?I shared my family visit to RIDEMAKERZ at Downtown Disney with you yesterday, and I’m back today to tell you more about the experience. We’re getting down to the real question I’ve heard from a number of readers: How much does RIDEMAKERZ cost?

Well, those rumors that you and I have heard about RIDEMAKERZ being pricey are true. Sort of. You can spend more than $100 – even $150 – on a remote-controlled car at RIDEMAKERZ. You can also spend $25 to $35 on a car with a push chassis. And just about everything in between.

So, here’s how the pricing works:

When you choose a car (or truck) body, you will see a price next to it. These truck bodies in the picture at right are each $26. That price includes a freewheel chassis (making it a push car, not a remote-controlled car), and standard tires and rims. You also get a standard “sound” chip and working lights for that price.

Now, if you want a remote controlled car, you can add a RIDEMAKERZ radio-control chassis for $25.

This is when it gets fun, and can be costly. Now you can go crazy customizing that car. Custom tires run $4 per pair, wheels that are custom can run $3-$5, fancier sound chips are $5. And on and on.

But you don’t HAVE to add any of those things. So, this is where you can economize.

I talked with Ana at the RIDEMAKERZ at Downtown Disney about how to visit with kids and stay on a budget. She said that the staff of the store is trained to help with that. Her suggestion is that parents say, “We have $60 to spend today (or $75 or whatever), and the store staff will help guide the child toward ways to maximize those dollars.”

Here are some of my tips for staying on budget at RIDEMAKERZ:

  • How much does RIDEMAKERZ cost?Go in with a plan. You can look at the RIDEMAKERZ cars and accessories online before your visit and get an idea of how much you will need to spend.
  • Set clear expectations with your child in advance to avoid meltdowns in the store. Talk through the idea that there will be a lot of choices for customizing your car, and you won’t be able to afford them all.
  • For older kids, this could be a good exercise in economizing and setting priorities. You have $20 to spend on accessories; how do you get the most bang for your buck?
  • One of the things younger kids will enjoy most are the wide variety of decals available for the cars. You may be able to get away with a pack of those as your only customizing item.
  • Remember that your car can also be altered later. So, you could make a trip to get the car and save some pennies to come back and get more accessories (or order them online) at a later date.
  • Same with the radio-control aspect – you could start out with a freewheel chassis and make the car remote-controlled later.
  • RIDEMAKERZ offers gift cards online. Perhaps these might be good to give your kids or grandkids for a birthday or other holiday in advance of your Disney trip to help spread out the cost of buying RIDEMAKERZ cars.

Ana said the biggest hindrance to staying on budget with kids is the dads. That doesn’t surprise me. I saw many dads in RIDEMAKERZ whose eyes just lit up when they say that accessory wall.

We had great fun building and customizing our cars at RIDEMAKERZ, and being on a budget won’t hinder that experience at all, as long as your family goes in knowing what to expect. Theme Park Dad and Theme Park Kid have been having great fun playing together with their RIDEZ at home this week while I am traveling on business. I highly recommend the whole experience.

If you are planning a visit to RIDEMAKERZ this weekend, there’s a great Father’s Day special going on – Build one car, get one free. Now there’s a way to economize.

RIDEMAKERZ invited my family to visit the store and comped our experience there.


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